One World Week


Every year St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Christchurch has a One World Week. The teachers used this year to open the children’s eyes to a day in the life of a person living in Ghana. We took part in many activities, such as cooking, making masks, drawing symbols and in some parts of the week taking a look around the exhibition from DEED with their teacher.

Items in the display included colourful baskets, batik cloths- including a black one used for funerals, metal ornaments and statues, musical instruments- including  goats’ skin drums and lots of pots that would be used for cooking. We also learnt that many people in Ghana also have electricity, mobile phones and can use a computer. We have to be careful to remember that just as in the UK people in Ghana can live very different life styles to each other, however the DEED exhibition taught us about the culture and heritage of this fascinating country.

The week was an amazing experience we could really reflect on the lives of others- seeking the facts and learning about other peoples’ lives is so important. Thank you to our PTA who helped to fund this exhibition and to our teachers for planning such fun learning.

Written by Charlie-Jayne, Year 6