Music Enrichment Week


Last term’s music week was a wonderful success!

Children in KS2 learnt to sing as a choir with three talented singers from Highcliffe Junior Choir. The whole school were entertained with a concert from a remarkable 18 year old musician, Warren, who played the piano, a range of percussion instruments and even the dustbin lids!

Mrs Clark, our school’s violin teacher, led her students in a concert and the children showed off their violin skills. Year 4 gave the school a fantastic concert as they performed as their Samba band led by Mr Trew. During the week, many children performed to the whole school, playing instruments such as the flute, recorder, guitar and piano.

Andrea Young and members of the ‘Regular Joes’, entertained KS2 classes with the Jive. They also showed us film clips of the history of the dance. Mrs Cooper played the piano and led the children with Miss Buxton in a sing-along.

Mrs Lawlor led KS1 classes in ballet, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Street Dance club gave us a great concert with children of all ages performing in front of the whole school. Thank you also to Kate O’Leary who gave KS1 an Irish dancing demonstration and got the children up dancing too!

Mrs Ager worked with Ducklings, Swallows and Kingfishers to make musical instruments and put music to a story. Marina Stratton who runs Spanish Club led her pupils in singing Spanish songs to the school. Bob Belcher and Yohanna Mills played the guitar and sung with KS1 classes.

Thank you to the parents and friends of St Joseph’s School who gave up their time to come in and share their talents and involve the children in musical experiences!

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