Mr G’s Science Extravaganza


Thank you to the PTA for funding Mr G’s science extravaganza on Thursday 22nd May 2014. All the children got to see the awe and wonder of science through his amazing tricks. This included an air blower with smoke rings, batteries made of lemons and the children made hovercrafts.


Here are some quotes from our Year 4 children:
  • “He’s fabtastic!” – Josh
  • “It’s incredible how you can make a battery powered potato.” – Ruby
  • “I really enjoyed making sherbet and it tasted amazing.” – Amelia
  • “It was really cool when he made sparks fly up to the ceiling with a flammable gas.” – Charlie
  • “It’s as if he was from outer space with all his brilliant experiments.” – Dylan
  • “I really enjoyed it when he knocked the cups off our heads with air.” – Lyla