At St. Joseph’s we believe that maths isn’t something that should solely be taught but that it needs to be learnt. There is a fundamental difference when children are told something as to when they find it out themselves – something that is only too obvious in every day life – they actually take notice when they discover something themselves! Maths is certainly no exception; children must investigate, observe and, importantly, make mistakes if they are to understand this subject.

We feel that it is essential maths is seen as an achievable and exciting subject and are constantly trying to avoid the dreaded maths wall! The ‘maths wall’ is something many of you will have faced at some point in your life – ever uttered the words…’I just can’t do maths’ or ‘I’m not a maths person’? The truth is maths is a multi-layered subject in the same way English or History are. You would not expect someone to need to know and understand every historical era to be good at history, in the same way children might find some parts of maths more difficult but it is essential they do not see this as a judgement of their overall mathematical ability.

Practical, interactive and real-life maths help us to instil a love for the subject in all children at the school. We are determined to move away from the idea that maths is a ‘question and answer’ lesson and instead strive to reproduce authentic situations where children can use their mathematical knowledge for a purpose. 

We aim to equip every child with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm for number to fully achieve their potential in life.

For more information on the New National Curriculum and how parents can help their children in their learning, visit which sets out the new objectives for each year group as well as suggesting activities for parents to undertake with their children to support their maths leaning at home.