KS2 Friday Golden Time Stitching

Since KS2 Friday Golden Time was re-introduced in September, stitching has become an extremely popular and much sought after Golden time activity.

Many of the children have found that cross-stitching is an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend ½ to ¾ hour at the end of a busy week. They have been stitching their initials onto embroidery fabric and it has been encouraging to see the enthusiasm and joy on their faces as they complete each initial, and to share their eagerness and impatient anticipation for the next time it is their turn to choose this activity first.

For some of the children, stitching has been a new experience and all have enjoyed it, especially as they are now able to come to “Stitching Club” on Friday lunchtime if this has been their Golden Time activity that week.

For me, one of the most rewarding and uplifting things about the sessions has been witnessing the more talented stitchers (and there are many of them from Year 3 through to Year 6) helping those who have found stitching a little more challenging. They are certainly living out Jesus’ gospel message of helping others – they are true “St. Josepharians”.

Once their initials are completed, together with any other chosen decoration/pattern, the children then sew them onto another piece of fabric (taken from sample books donated to the school) to make a small wallet/purse/pencil case – its uses are endless, to be decided by the user!

The majority verdict so far is that “Stitching is great!” and “We wish we could do this every week!” especially when they hear that many years ago, at school, stitching was a weekly activity.

For a short while we will have a stitching display in school before the children proudly bring home their finished creation.

Written by Mrs Thomas