Kingston Lacy teaches us history the memorable way!


This October Year 5 and 6 from St Joseph’s Catholic School, Christchurch, travelled to Kingston Lacey dressed as Victorian children. It took us 45 minutes to arrive but we were all excited. When we arrived there we were greeted by four Victorian women and a Victorian man.

We started by looking around the house, which was very grand. When we went into the Master’s and Mistress’ bedroom there was a huge difference. After looking at the children’s bedroom I would not like to be a Victorian boy!

Next, we did some laundry; Victorian style! If you were not careful you could graze your fingers with the scrubbing board. After a hard day’s work of doing laundry your hands would be freezing. I bet my mum is glad she’s not a Victorian lady!

After having our lunch we walked to the garden to look for monuments. It was really fascinating and I really enjoyed that we were allowed to run; unlike Victorian children.

I really enjoyed Kingston Lacy and I am sure my class-mates did as well.

Written by Year 5