Journeying in the Faith – Remembrance

November a month of Saints and Remembrance


In this reading we listen to St Paul as he writes to the Christians who lived in a town called Colossae. He called these friends of his “saints”, because like us they had been asked to follow Christ, and to be God’s friends. This is what he said.


My friends,

 I pray that you will grow in wisdom and understanding, so that you will learn to know what God wants you to do.

If you do this, you will be able to live just as he wants, in every way.

You will do Good things.

You will come to know God better.

You will have the strength from him never to give up.

You will be happy even when things are difficult.

You will learn to thank God our Father for making it possible for you to be his saints, and for you to enjoy the light of his friendship.

 Litany of the Saints

There are lots of saints that we use as lighthouses, guiding us how to live our lives.

It is part of our tradition to turn to the saints for help, to ask them to pray for us as we believe they are now close to God.

After we say each saint’s name pleases respond by saying “pray for us” and join in at the prayer at the end. You will recognise many of these names as we often hear, read or see pictures of these saints.


Holy Mary, Mother of God    Pray for us

Saint Joseph

Saint Francis

Saint Anne

Saint Bernadette

Saint Mary Magdelene

Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Saint Edmund Campion

                                           Saint Boniface


Let us pray together

May all the saints be our lighthouses, looking after us and leading us safely home.

May they guide our footsteps in goodness, befriend us in loneliness, refresh us when we’re weary, and strengthen us in danger.

Make us and all those we love worthy to be called your saints.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


My favourite saint

St Angela Merici is one of my favourite saints because her life story reminds us that, even when not visible, the wonder of God can be felt in the world around us.

Praying through St Angela helps me to reconnect with God- heart, mind and soul.

St Angela founded the Ursuline nuns- groups of whom are still very active worldwide.

Mrs Miccoli (Deputy Headteacher)

My favourite saint is St John Baptist De La Salle, the patron saint of school teachers, because he dedicated his life to teaching and gave away his inheritance to help educate children who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Miss Thomas (Class Teacher)

My favourite saint is St. Gerard Majella because he is the patron saint of mothers and expectant mothers. He devoted his short life to helping others and he always wanted to do what God wanted. He said, “Everything we do is a prayer, if only it is done for God. Nothing is painful if it is done for God.”

Mrs Thomas (Teaching Assistant)

St Francis of Assisi is my favourite saint because he was from a wealthy family but turned his back on his wealth to help the poor.

Mrs Walls (Class teacher)

Maximillian Kolbe is my favourite saint because he gave up his life for another person, who he didn’t even know. He was able to recognise how important life, family and children are in his sacrifice. Jesus said, “A man can show no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.”

Mrs Rippon (Class teacher)

St Teresa de Avila is my favourite saint as she dedicated her life to God and to prayer.

Mrs Loader (Class teacher)


My favourite saint is St Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr whose feast day is November 25th. She was a strong, beautiful woman who died for her faith and refused to yield to any man.

Mrs Dayantis (Class teacher)


St Joseph has always been a favourite for me. He was a quiet man, who was strong and loving towards his wife and son. He trusted God fully. He must have found things difficult yet he always did his best, putting his family first; true role model for those with and without children.

Miss Buxton (Headteacher)