Introduction to HOPE

 St Joseph’s school is currently working on a project with HOPE- a Bournemouth based charity that supports those who find themselves in the desperate situation of being homeless. The charity writes;

HOPE offers housing to homeless people in Bournemouth. We offer over 80 people safe and dry rooms with a shared kitchen, bathroom and garden. We also provide them with breakfast every morning.

People end up living on the streets for many different reasons. Some may simply have lost their jobs and have no money, whilst others may not have had a very nice stable upbringing and have lost their way in life. At HOPE we look after these people and support them until they are ready to move into a home of their own. We help them with their reading and writing; we listen to them and make them feel better. We also help them to get a job when they are ready.

Since the charity started in 2009 we have had 155 people come and stay with us. Over 56 have managed to get a job or are at college, and are now living in their own homes away from life on the streets. We still have a lot more to do.

We are trying to raise enough money so that we can provide every homeless person that comes to our Centre with a starter pack of bed linen, a towel, a plate, a cup and a knife and fork. Most people come to HOPE with just the clothes they are wearing.

The people at HOPE do not have very much money to buy food. Therefore the vegetable that you are growing for us will mean that the residents can eat better and stay healthy and show them that there are people in society that care for them.

The HOPE charity tries to help the most vulnerable people in Bournemouth and we are so incredibly grateful for the support of St Joseph’s school. With your help we can make a real difference.

The children will be growing seedlings for HOPE that will then be planted in the charity’s allotment, along with learning about the work of the charity and how it helps people who are finding life tough. We will be holding a charity week in the autumn term to raise money too.

Before and after photos of the garden at HOPE:


Miss Buxton and three children visited Hope in Bournemouth, They saw how the old, overgrown garden has been tidied and made into an attractive allotment and seating area. Many local firms have donated to this project. John Lewis are also heavily investing in this garden area. The children could see how the seedlings that we have all been growing are being planted at Hope, ready for harvest time. St Joseph’s looks forward to working with Hope at our next harvest festival.

On Monday 16th May the children learnt more about the work of the charity when HOPE led a whole school assembly: