‘Into the Future’ week in Swallows

‘Into the Future’ week involved so many areas of the curriculum and we thought it would be interesting to share these with you.

MathsThe children collected data by doing market research around the school. They then collated and analysed this data to come up with the best-selling products. They also had to price the ingredients and cheapest cake toppers to work out how much of our £50 we would spend. We then had to work out how much to sell the cakes for to make a profit.

Literacy – The children had to write lists of ingredients and write recipes before they could make the cakes.

ICT – We used the internet to search for the cake topper websites and compared them to find the cheapest ones. We used the digital camera to make videos to promote our ideas ‘Dragon’s Den’ style.

Art – The children designed posters to advertise their cakes and to list the prices.

Design and Technology – The children helped Mrs Westbrook- Edwards make 200 cakes. We then had a production line going on the Friday and the children helped ice, put cake toppers on and wrap the cakes (at the same time as doing a Big Write!! They certainly learnt how to multi-task!)

PHSE- The children thought about how their families budget their money and all the things that have to be paid for. They also learnt about Bamenda and why we raise money for charity. Hopefully the week has given them a deeper understanding of this.

I hope this has given you a little insight into how our regular curriculum weeks impact on the children’s learning. It was great fun – please visit our gallery for photos of the school fayre for Bamenda which raised £607 in total.