Yr 1, Mrs Smith: Home learning will comprise of weekly reading and maths based activities. There will also occasionally be topic based home learning. Home learning folders will go home on a Thursday and should return to school by the following Tuesday.

Yr 2, Mrs Corallo and Mrs Nicolet: Homework will be regularly set on Thursday for completion on the following Tuesday. It will consist of spelling practice and either a Numeracy or a Literacy activity, or sometimes it will be topic based.

Yr 3, Mrs Dayantis and Mrs Walls: The children will bring home either a Numeracy or Literacy activity on Fridays, which is to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. They will have a home-learning book in which to put their completed activities. Your child should spend approximately 30 minutes on this homework.

Yr 4, Mrs Whyte and Mrs Callister: At the start of each half term the children will be given a homework sheet with a range of different home learning tasks on. Each task is given a certain number of points and children must complete one homework task a week with the aim of collecting 40 points by the end of the half term. They must complete at least one literacy and one maths task over the course of the half term. We hope this will give the children more flexibility with their home learning and also give them the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of different skills. Tasks should be completed in their home-learning books and books should be handed in each Monday.

Yr 5, Miss Thomas:  In Year 5, homework is set twice a week and should usually take your child between 30-45 minutes to complete. The homework sheets will be the same format as last year and the children will be continuing from where they left off. It is important that the children are organised in handing it in on time, as if they do not hand it in, they will be completing the homework in their lunchtime. Homework will be set on the following days: Tuesday – English, which is due in the following Monday. Friday – Maths, which is due in the following Thursday.

Yr 6, Mr Curran and Mrs Loader: It is important that pupils have a quiet space in which to do their home learning and that they are organised in handing homework in on time. Two pieces of homework (usually Maths and Literacy) – Literacy Homework is set on a Wednesday to be handed in by the following Monday – Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday to be tested on Monday – Maths Homework is set on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. In addition, there will be mental maths tests as well as times tables tests every week. We would suggest that children spend no more than 45 minutes on each homework task.


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