Gifted and Talented Workshop


IMG_6516On 17th October, 6 of our year 6 children went to a Gifted and Talented workshop day at the private Ballard school in New Milton. At Ballard we did D.T, Music and Science and they were all great fun!

DSCF2257In D.T we structured towers made out of sweets (mini gems) and cocktails sticks and we tried to make them so high but some fell and some survived! The competition was to get the tower as high as you could but also for it to be able to hold a small weight at the end for 10 whole seconds without it falling down!

In music we made our own CDs to a small movie on IMACS. We had great fun, it was amazing! We made the movie based on amazing technology and it comes with fantastic music that we put together.

DSCF2257 - CopyScience was an outstanding lesson because we did a detective lesson on a crime scene and it was very fascinating; we took people’s fingerprints, tested different liquids and we made casts of some footprints.

All the children loved their day and we had a great time.


Thanks to Mrs Smith who organised the trip and Mrs Thomas who accompanied us. 

Afton, Alice and Lily