French Market Day

This term year three have been learning all about France and in order to experience a little of the atmosphere of the country they were lucky enough to be able to visit a vibrant and colourful French market last week!   Well OK we didn’t travel by plane to Paris or ferry to Calais but they made an excellent job of turning their classroom into a ‘place du marche avec beaucoup de choses a la vente’ ! The children were extremely enthusiastic about the day and brought in resources to decorate and sell on their stall.  These included un boulangerie, un magasin de jouets and many more.  One resourceful group even set up une terrasse d’un café in the playground. 

 Having spent the morning preparing shop signs, price labels and bunting they set about spending as many euros as they could in the afternoon!  Also on offer was a food tasting stall avec du pain, crepes et du fromage which, unsurprisingly, proved extremely popular. Of course no one was able to buy or try unless they could ask in French and by the end of the day it was possible to hear many conversations taking place …. Je veux du fromage s’il vous plait, combien?, voila, merci, au revoir monseiur   …..  Everyone showed such confidence sharing their language skills and those who spoke the most got to eat the most!!