First Christmas at school for the Ducklings

The children in Ducklings are having a great time preparing for Christmas. They have been learning songs and dances that are all related to the Christmas story. In our God Matters lessons we have been thinking about how Mary might have felt when she was visited by the angel and how difficult it must have been to find that the only place to stay was in a stable on that wonderful night when Jesus was born. The children have shown a lot of understanding for the details in the story and have been acting it out in their role play. They sometimes elaborate on how smelly the stable might have been with the animals living in it and this seems to add to their enjoyment of the story and helps them to remember it. We have been impressed to have been asked to clarify some confusion they have as to whether Jesus was a baby or a man. It is good to remind us that for four year olds there are still a lot of connections to be made in order to make sense of the life of Christ.

Father John joined us to celebrate an Advent Liturgy and it was a truly wonderful celebration. The Ducklings all joined in the prayers and songs whenever they could and those chosen to take up the offertory and lead the Lord’s Prayer played their part with true confidence. The readings in this liturgy made us focus on our preparations for Christmas and reminded us to try to live as Jesus showed us.

There has been much excitement and anticipation in the preparations for the Christmas performance. Each practice of our dance heralds the question ‘Are the mummies and daddies coming to watch today?’  This year the children seem to have learnt their dance with great speed and they look absolutely ‘angelic’ in their angel costumes. My thanks go to the mums and grandmas who have made new ones for us. We now have a full set of 30.

The obligatory glitter and glue that is a traditional part of Christmas in Ducklings has again been evident this year and we are lucky to have such a cheerful cleaner in Carole that I have no worries about how often to let the children add sparkle to their craftwork.

All in all it has been a really super end to a very productive term and I am very proud of the Ducklings class.

By Mrs Smith