Enterprise Week 2019

Enterprise Week Banner

On the week beginning 3rd June we had an Enterprise Week in school. During assembly on Monday, Mr Curran gave each class £40 which had been donated by the PTA. The children were told that with that money, they had to make things, which they would be able to sell in school on Friday. The children went back to class and worked hard with their teachers to talk about what product to make, how to make it within a budget and how to sell the product to hopefully make a profit.

During this week the children learnt about managing finances, budgeting, advertisement and marketing. At the end of the week, on Friday 7th June, the children set up their stalls in the school hall and started to sell their products to the other classes. It was a great morning of buying and selling and the children were excited to purchase as well as sell!

At the end of the day the money made by each class was counted up and the children were eager to know how much money they had made. After all costs were taken out the children had made an impressive £487.97! Well done!