Emergency School Closures

Procedure for Emergency School Closures

Any decision to close St Joseph’s Catholic School is not made lightly and we realise that such a decision can have quite an impact on our families. However I have to ensure that all my children and staff are able to arrive at school safely and so will be consulting governors and parents who live near to the school as to the conditions of the surrounding roads as these can be very different to the roads elsewhere in the area due to gritting- or lack of!

Once a decision is made I will inform Heart FM 102.3, (although it can take some time for this information to be broadcast), emailing and texting parents on ParentMail and we will post an update on our school website.


The website allows the schools to inform parents about the following day from 3pm onwards.

We will obviously endeavour to make the decision as early as possible but I am sure you appreciate the difficult nature of this. If you have not yet done so and would like to sign up for ParentMail please ask for a form from the office.