Educational Visits

At St. Joseph’s School, educational visits are considered to be an integral part of the programme of study. They are organised to support and enhance the learning of all the children and to promote the development of social and personal skills.

The management of visits involves particular responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of all participants whether they be pupils, parents, members of staff or volunteers.

Teachers undertake detailed risk assessments prior to all off-site activities.

Visits can vary, from visits within Christchurch, to Streetwise, Activity Farms and Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre (photos below).

Additionally, we currently provide older children with the opportunity of attending residential trips. In Year 5, children visit Leeson House, a Field Study Centre on the Isle of Purbeck for 3 days.  Please see photos below:

In Year 6, pupils have the opportunity to visit an Outdoor Activity Centre for 5 days. Please see photos below:

All sites provide children with safe, yet memorable experiences with their school peers. Residential visits are a great way of building self confidence and increasing independence, as well as allowing children to develop teamwork, skills and friendships.

Recent visits for all of our classes have included: Longdown Dairy Farm (YR), Marwell Zoo (Y1), Sea Life Weymouth (Y2), Winchester Science Centre (Y3), Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre (Year 4);  Leeson House (Y5), Avon Tyrrell (Y6) and St. Joseph’s, our parish church.