Ducklings Trip to Honeybrook Farm


HoneyTo experience our learning about growing first hand, Ducklings visited Honeybrook farm. It was our first ever school trip and it was very exciting to be in our own clothes and going out of school with all our friends. After an exciting journey on the coach, we finally arrived at the farm. Even heading to drop our things in the barn we saw animals – seeing real life ducklings was great.

Harry: ‘They’re ducklings just like us!!’


Our first job was to meet the ranger. She explained what happens on the farm and then she took us on a tour.

Honey2First we saw the calves and found out some interesting information from the ranger.

Honey3Oliver: ‘They are baby cows’.

Rose : ‘They have no top teeth  so they have to use their gums to eat’.

George: ‘Calves drink milk from their mums udders’.


They really liked us and wanted to lick our hands to try and find food!



Honey4Next we saw the pigs.

Nahla: ‘Baby pigs are called piglets’.

Thomas: ‘The mummy pig is called a sow and she was very big and sleepy’.









We were lucky enough to feed the goats and sheep. They were excited to see us! We learnt that we had to hold our hands out flat and let them lick the food off. Just like us, they need food and water.  We now know that a baby goat is called a kid and a baby sheep is called a lamb.

Honey6 Honey7
Honey8 Honey9

For the next job we had to be very quiet. We learnt that chicks hatch from eggs and we got to stroke a chick that had just hatched. Everyone was very careful so it didn’t get scared.


Honey10 Honey11

Harrison: ‘Chicks have a pointy bit on their beak to crack the egg open’.

After a good hand wash, we had our picnic in the big barn.

Honey12 Honey13

The afternoon was spent having tractor rides. We saw the huge wheels and the ride was very bumpy. We loved seeing the rest of the farm and waving to our friends from the trailer.

Honey14 Honey15

Both children and adults had a wonderful day, enjoying being with our friends and learning about farm animals in the beautiful sunshine.

Honey16 Honey17 Honey18