Cooking with Year 4

On Thursday 18th April, Chef James Golding spent the morning with Year 4. His main focus was the senses, particularly taste. We were all presented with a special chef’s apron and hat. In front of us was a plate with lots of interesting things on it for us to try. The first thing we ate was a sour leaf, followed by a pickled cucumber, which had a surprising taste. Next was crackling, which was very salty. This had a mixed reaction from all of us, but Miss Thomas loved it! We then tried some fudge, which everyone loved and wanted more of! Finally on our plate we were left with three pots of jelly which were different colours to confuse us. They tasted of apple, orange and mint and were delicious. Chef Golding then showed us the mobile garden which contained dandelions and other interesting leaves which we tried; some of them were very spicy. We really enjoyed our first session.

James Golding came to see us again on 26th June. He talked to us about hygiene and different plants that we could eat. He did make it very clear to us that we should not pick and eat plants if we don’t know what they are. Chef Golding showed us how to chop vegetables so that we could make our own salads. We were very excited! There were lots of ingredients for us to use such as: tomatoes, mozzarella, asparagus, peas, pasta, edible flowers and elderflower. We enjoyed chopping up our ingredients to make the salad. For the dressing we had a sauce which had apple juice in it. Our salads tasted delicious! James Golding then told us that he would not be working with us again, but he did leave us with a menu from The Pig (his restaurant) and his autograph. Thank you very much James Golding for working with us, we loved it.

By Nyasha and Sophia