Citizen Week with Swallows and Buzzards

dogsOur Curriculum week was aimed at raising awareness of how we can be a ‘good’ citizen and serve our wider community and also about gaining a greater understanding of contrasting areas of the UK. We were very lucky to have visitors come and speak about how they serve the wider community.

Fire safety Officer – The children were reminded about fire safety at home and were encouraged to think about elderly relatives and neighbours and whether they had smoke alarms. They had lots of fun seeing if they could put on a fire fighters uniform in record time!

Guide Dogs for the blind – The children loved the visit from Amber and Sapphire and were able to ask their owner John questions about how the guide dogs are trained and how they could support the charity and help people who are blind.

Life boat Crew – Thank you to the two Dads who gave their time to share their experiences of working on the local life boat. The children were inspired by the dedication and commitment to the community that life boat crews make.

guide dogFirst Aid Training – KS2 were fortunate to receive First Aid training during the week and this will be a wonderful asset to the wider community and their families as they all received their certificate. A big thank you to the two ladies who delivered the training.

E Safety – Technology enables us to improve our links with other areas of the UK and the wider world but it also comes with responsibilities and our visiting Police Officer reinforced internet safety to the children.

As you can see the children had a very busy week and during the week they became more aware of how they can be a good citizen and thought about future careers that would serve both our community and communities abroad.


We hope you enjoy reading some of our Big Writes and looking at the photos of the visitors.

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