Citizen Week in KS2

Citizen Week in KS2

At St Joseph’s we are trying hard to improve our pupils’ awareness and understanding of life in a multicultural society and to develop the school’s contribution to community cohesion by  improving links with communities in contrasting parts of the United Kingdom and abroad.

This is something we were working on during our enrichment week called ‘Citizen Week’. Each class chose a contrasting locality to study comparing our town of Christchurch to another town or city in the UK.


ks2In Monday assembly each class found out the city they would be learning about. Year 6 had chosen Sheffield, Year 5 Liverpool, Year 4 Bangor in Wales and Year 3 Newcastle.

In Year 3 we started the week by finding out some interesting facts about Newcastle.

ks2_4Next we used Google Maps to compare the locality of Newcastle to Christchurch. We found out that whilst lots of things were the same there were also some things that were different. For example both place have schools but Newcastle also has a large university!

During the week we also learnt some Geordie words. Geordie is the dialect people speak in Newcastle and some of the words they use are different to how we would say them in Christchurch.

On the Friday each class gave a short presentation about what they had learnt during the week. We all learnt lots about the different towns each class had been studying.