Citizen Week in KS1

In its inspection report dated May 2010, Ofsted recommended that the school should  improve pupils’ awareness and understanding of life in a multicultural society, developing the school’s contribution to community cohesion by improving links with communities in contrasting parts of the United Kingdom and abroad.

In response to this recommendation we ran a special enrichment week called ‘Citizen Week’. Each class chose a contrasting locality to study.

Citizen Week in Key Stage 1

The children studied what it means to be a citizen. They were encouraged to think about where they are citizens of; Europe, the British Isles, UK, England, Dorset and Christchurch.

In assembly we began to think about what makes a good citizen; someone who helps the community in one of many different ways.

P1010066P1010067London, our capital city it is very important to our country, so two classes chose to study what it is like to live there.

Some of the Ducklings children looked at the transport in London and treated the school to a brilliant film show where they acted out a trip around London from the viewpoint of their big red London bus. They also had a taxi driver, who showed us the sights and we even spotted the Queen with her crown jewels.

In Kites class they made some very interesting discoveries about the population of London.

P1010068Buzzards looked at Belfast. Many of the children became quite fascinated with the history of the Titanic being built there and the amazing modern building they have built to house the Titanic museum. They went on an on-line tour of the city and found out about the large leisure venue called the Odyssey.  They watched a DVD about their local area of Christchurch and compared how many places of interest we have in our local area.

Swallows researched the City of Birmingham and considered some of the similarities and differences between Christchurch and Birmingham.

The class had discussions about the facilities available to the citizens of Christchurch compared to those available to the citizens of Birmingham. Some of the leisure activities in Birmingham made the children quite jealous. But then they considered how Christchurch offers them different kinds of leisure activities like going into the New Forest and how we can reach some beautiful beaches very easily from Christchurch. We also have a ski centre and lots of places to go for cinemas or shopping within about half and hour’s drive.


Other Faiths

As part of our God Matters curriculum we cover other faiths each half term. KS1 have learnt about Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Budhism and Hinduism. The main focus is on learning about the similarities and differences between the Christianity and other world faiths.