Christchurch Drama Day at St Joseph’s

We have such an abundance of talent in Christchurch!

St Joseph’s school arranged a whole day of drama in January and invited all the local schools to send three children. We were lucky enough to be able to use the expertise of two of our parents who run a drama school so the input the children got was of the very best calibre.

The children were encouraged to break the ice about working with people they had not met before and they worked in mixed-school pairs. Everyone had lots of fun during the workshops and they certainly put their all into their activities. All the drama challenges were taught through games and when they presented their work in front of the whole school, the staff and visiting head teachers, they completely captured their audience and held their attention throughout. The audience were completely entertained and there was a lot of laughing. Many adults watching commented on how impressed they were to see the children meeting quite difficult challenges  with great confidence.

Well done to all those talented children and many thanks to Direct Theatre School for providing us with a fantastic day. I sincerely hope that we shall see some of these faces continuing to build upon their acting talents.

Janet Smith (Gifted and Talented Coordinator)

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