Chocolate Week with the Ducklings


All the children in ducklings thoroughly enjoyed this special week. We started by watching ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in instalments and we were able to discuss how Charlie was rewarded for his good behaviour whilst the other children were sent away from the factory by Willie Wonka for not being kind. We made a huge model of the chocolate factory, out of recycled materials and the children enjoyed painting it.

During the week each class spent a session in each of the other infant classes and worked with the other teachers. This is the first time ducklings have done this and they really enjoyed it. They came back having made ‘Krispie’ chocolate cakes and a box to take it home in. An OompaLumpa finger puppet and a boat to sail down the chocolate river.

They were all talking about the scenes in the film they liked and when we made the cup and saucer daffodils they remembered how Willie Wonka had drunk form one and then eaten it. I had to assure them that ours were only models and couldn’t be eaten.