Chef James visits Year 4


DSCF2210Chef James Golding and his front of house manager, Nicholas, came to visit Year 4 on the 9th October. For our Big Write the next morning, we wrote a recount of his visit.

Like a hurricane, I ran into school because I knew today was the day that James Golding was coming in. First, we put on our aprons in the hall and excitedly walked into the classroom. In front of us, as we sat down, was a plateful of food. There was a range of foods from pickled cucumber to chorizo. We tried all of them. I loved the chorizo, but wasn’t so keen on the pork crackling as it was a bit salty for me. Next, we had to try some jellies. Food colouring had been put in them to try and trick us. They were not the flavours we expected. Would you have expected cinnamon flavoured jelly? As we tasted all of the foods, we were thinking about the type of taste: sour, sweet, salty and bitter and had to mark them down on a piece of paper. Then, three children were blindfolded and had to feel some different fruits and vegetables and see if they could guess what they were.


After break, our classroom had been completely transformed from our normal classroom to a five star restaurant. Nicolas talked about how to treat customers at a restaurant. A table had been set up at the front of the classroom; two of the children had to pretend to be customers. Nicolas showed the class how they would be greeted in a restaurant, poured out water and took their order. It was great fun. With a smile, it was our turn to do the same thing. After sorting our cutlery into the correct places on the table, we took it in turns to greet each other and pour water. Luckily, no one spilt the water as they poured it. We then had to serve the bread rolls. That bit was tricky as you had to use two spoons to pick the roll up and not touch it with your hands. Finally, we were able to eat the bread rolls. Whilst we ate them, we were thinking about our behaviour as in a restaurant we are not allowed to make too much noise and disturb other customers.

We all loved our morning and learnt a lot about our senses, especially that we should not judge food by the way it looks, but try it. We also learnt how to behave in a restaurant and what makes a good manager and waiter. We can’t wait till next time!

By Dylan


“I loved seeing our classroom transformed into a restaurant. It has never been like that before” – Ruby

“My favourite thing was trying all the foods. I was really surprised that I liked the chorizo as I’ve never tried it before” – Macey

“I am going to look at the waiters and waitresses next time I go to a restaurant and see how they greet us”  – Alex

I was really impressed that I didn’t spill the water when I poured it”  – Leah

“That was one of the best mornings in school ever” – Lyla

“I can’t wait until next time” – Oliver