Chef James Golding Visits Year 4


DSCF2779DSCF2781As part of the Adopt a School scheme, James Golding came in to work with Year 4 again during July 2014.  After putting on their chef’s hat and apron, the children were very excited.  They looked at a variety of vegetables that would be used in a healthy salad, before being taught how to cut safely using a knife.  Throughout the morning, the children tasted and chopped up their vegetables and even some edible flowers for their salad. The children were then given some strawberries and blueberries to add – this caused a lot of confusion as they could not imagine that they would go together, but to their amazement, it tasted delicious!

The children had a fantastic morning and loved their healthy salads. Thank you very much to James Golding and Sarah Howard for their hard work.



DSCF2777‘Strawberries and pasta together tastes delicious. I really didn’t think it would.’ – Siena

‘I am going to make this at home.’ – Oliver

‘The salad was delicious. I wanted seconds.’ – Dylan

‘I wasn’t sure about mixing fruits and vegetables, but it really worked.’ – Ruby

‘I loved having James Golding visit again.’ – Lyla