A Firefighter visits the Ducklings Class

As part of our topic of ‘People who help us’ we had a visit from a firefighter called Richard. The children had prepared some questions for him and were very excited when he arrived in our classroom carrying all his breathing gear. He was able to tell us a great deal about being a firefighter and answered our questions about how many firefighters and fire engines are stationed in Southampton Fire Station.

We were surprised that they are called out about 1,000 times each year and we discovered that they don’t only help at fires but also when people get stuck in their houses or cars. Sometimes they are asked to rescue animals too!

Richard showed us how he has to wear his uniform and it was funny that he had his boots already in his trousers so that he could put them on quickly. Inside his helmet were some special goggles that flipped down and up again. He showed us what he looked and sounded like when he was wearing his breathing apparatus, he had lots of layers to put on so that he would not get burned in a fire. His voice sounded different when he spoke with his mask on.

Have you ever heard of a ‘Fireman’s Lift’ this is the way that a firefighter would carry someone who couldn’t walk. Richard pretended to rescue a boy in our class and he carried him out of the classroom. It was funny because he put him right up on his shoulder, like he was Father Christmas carrying his sack. We were shown how firefighters work in twos to hold the water hose. One girl in our class helped Richard to hold a pretend hose, they looked very professional.

We discussed what we should do when we hear the fire alarm in school and we remembered that we leave the building quietly to make sure we are safe. But if a fire engine does come we now know that the firefighters are very brave and have some very special equipment to help them to fight the fire.

Thank you Richard.